Best Emergency Medical Services Education Providers

Sahara Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Trainers, operating under our Trade Name of Sahara EMS College, is a formally registered Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine training institution in the republic of Kenya. It was incorporated in the year 2020.

Our core mandate is to offer affordable, quality and evidence-based Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Training for Pre Hospital Care Providers ( Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics), In-Hospital healthcare providers including but not limited to Nurses, Doctors and other healthcare workers.

We also offer First Aid Training and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Courses such as Basic Life Support, BLS, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, ACLS, and Basic Fire Fighting Courses. We have also endeavored to give back to society by sponsoring the needy and less-privileged but bright individuals who wish to pursue a career in the Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine profession. Besides, we have rolled out programs to create awareness of the Emergency Medical Services profession in Kenya’s learning Institutions.


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