1. Plasters: Used for small cuts/grazes

2. Wound dressing: Used for larger cuts to apply pressure to stop the bleeding

3. Roller bandages: Used to hold dressings in place, apply pressure and stop bleeding
– Hold Ice packs in place to reduce swelling

4. Triangular bondage: Used as a bandage
– Can also be used as a dressing if it’s sterile to cover a large wound or burn

5. Disposable gloves: Used to reduce risks of infection between you and the casualty

6. Face shields/Pocket masks: Used to reduce infection when giving rescue breaths

7. Alcohol free cleansing: Used to clean the skin around the wound

8. Gauze Swaps: Used as dressings / padding / swabs to clean around the wound.

9. Sticky/Adhesive tape: Used to hold dressings in place.

10. Scissors: Used to cut through clothing to get to the wound

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